About Me

I grew up in Northern California where I was introduced to sports at a very young age. After playing ball sports through the 8th grade, I was introduced to distance running my Freshman year in High School after joining the Cross Country Team. I have been hooked on running ever since! I ran cross country and track throughout high school and a good portion of my college years. Growing up in Auburn, California I was naturally exposed to the world of ultra running. I have many fond memories watching Jim King, Tim Tweitmeyer, and Ann Trason cruising to Western States 100 victories at the Placer High track.  Naturally, my off-season training during high school and college always revolved around trail running in the American River Canyon near my home.

I ran my first ultra marathon in 1999 and then didn't pick up the ultra bug again until 2014 as a Masters runner. I've run 13 road marathons during my "time off" from ultras, but in the back of my mind I always knew that I would return to the trails for some long running. I hope to use this blog to capture my growth as a Masters ultra runner.

2018 Skratch Ambassador

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