Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peacock Miles in the Bank

I started training for the Peacock 100k in May. Over the course of the past 5 months I have logged 1,167 miles (as of today). The 100k is a new distance for me and it's hard to know how the body and mind will endure over that distance. However, knowing that I have banked so many quality miles while staying healthy, gives me the confidence that I need going into the race this Saturday (October 11th, 2014).

My strategy is very simple. Keep the pace mellow during the first half of the race and use my heart rate to guide my efforts.  My goal is to keep the average heart rate below 150 bpm for the first half. I will also remind myself to not be too aggressive on the downhills during the first half. Based on the training that I did on the actual course, I am confident that I will feel good going into the second half of the race if I keep the pace under control during the first half of the race. As long as I pace, fuel and hydrate like I did in training, this should be a great first 100k for me.

The final piece of my race day strategy will be to run my own race. I figure if I write it down here, I'm more likely to adhere to this piece of the strategy!  If the legs feel strong during the latter parts of the race, I will push the pace regardless of who is in front or behind me.

Two more taper runs this week and then it's game time!


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